Thank you for taking the first step in supporting Gun Owners Care

Gun Owners Care is about you. Gun Owners who want to have their voice heard and not be defined by the media or the behavior of criminals. Collectively we can make a difference in sharing and portraying our community of upstanding people, caring neighbors and generous individuals. You’ve taken the first step but it is important that you become a part of the conversation.

Here are ways YOU can be a voice in the Gun Owners Care movement:

Share This Website With Others. Help make Gun Owners Care a national movement that educates the public about law-abiding gun owners who deserve respect as good citizens and proud defenders of a unique American heritage.

Share others’ stories. Follow Gun Owners Care on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to get regular updates on real stories, facts and other notifications that are important to our story as a community. Utilize #GunOwnersCare and re-share these stories on your social media to help spread the word. 

Inform yourself so you can educate others. Did you know gun owners are the No. 1 contributors to wildlife conservation, providing nearly $9.4 million every day -- adding more than $3.4 billion every year -- to support state wildlife agencies and conservation?  Or that 11 million meals are provided to those in need from donation of venison by hunters? Become an advocate for what you believe in.  Take a moment to look through the Gun Owners Care site to educate yourself on the contributions made by the firearms industry.

Get involved. Participating in target shooting, shooting sports, or everyday carry are great ways to continue to support who we are. However, it is essential that we open up to sharing other aspects of our lives pertaining to community, safety, conservation, tradition and more.