Ye Connecticut Gun Guild Donates to Project Childsafe - Gun Owners Care

Ye Connecticut Gun Guild Donates to Project Childsafe

For the last several years, Ye Connecticut Gun Guild has shown its support for NSSF’s Project ChildSafe and firearm safety by inviting Project ChildSafe to table at the entrance of its spring and fall gun shows to promote responsible firearm ownership to attendees. In addition to providing this visibility, YCGG has generously made a cash donation in support of Project ChildSafe, which it did again this year when NSSF President and CEO Joe Bartozzi accepted a check for $1,000 from YCGG member Steve Sanetti, who was formerly NSSFs President and CEO.

More info about YCGG, which focuses on firearm collecting and preservation, can be found here:


Gun Owners Care® About Their Communities

From hunters donating their harvests to local food banks, law enforcement and concealed carriers being heroes in their communities, to gun clubs and firearms business owners holding local food and blood drives, to groups organizing fundraisers to benefit those in need, gun owners and the firearms industry are bettering our communities every day.

See some of the gun owners who are making a difference.

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