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Henry Raises $46K for Maryland 6th Grade Girl Battling Heart Defects

Sami Bernadzikowski

Since she was born, Sami has undergone five open-heart surgeries with at least one more to come later and more than 30 cardiac catheterization procedures. (Photo courtesy of facebook.com/support4samantha/.)

Henry Repeating Arms donated 65 custom rifles to raise $46,700 to benefit 11-year-old Sami Bernadzikowski of Elkridge, Md., who is battling multiple congenital heart defects (CHD). The “Support 4 Sami” Golden Boy Silver lever-action rifles are a continuation of Henry Repeating Arms’ Guns For Great Causes program, a charitable arm of the company that raised over $250,000 for six families over the past two years. The rifles, priced at $650 each, sold out in less than 24 hours after the initial announcement of their availability. Read the full story here.



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