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Game Raises Awareness For Juvenile Dermatomyositis Research

World champion competitive sport shooter Julie Golob and her family were recently blindsided by a rare auto-immune disease known as Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM) that Julie’s 11-year-old daughter was diagnosed with in early 2019. Statistics show that approximately 2-4 children in the United States are annually diagnosed with JDM, so the likelihood of someone being affected a fairly minimal. However, the challenges Julie’s daughter and her family faced with a diagnosis is something that should be concerning for everyone — it took nearly eight months for doctors to give them a clear diagnosis. The disease is potentially life-threatening, so it isn’t something to take lightly. Julie wants to ensure that those affected by the disease are taken care of properly by spreading awareness and driving more support for JDM research through increased funding.

We encourage you to listen to Julie’s daughter’s story in the video below.

To encourage and help the spread of awareness around JDM, Julie created a fun shooting game called the Aim to Cure JDM Challenge. Visit the official Julie G Aim to Cure JDM Challenge page to participate and donate to help fund JDM research.

Go to to learn more.

Julie lists other ways you can help, that include:

  1. Share this page ( with your friends and family via, email, twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other way you can.
  2. Make a one time or recurring donation to this Go Fund Me page that directly benefits the Cure JM charity. Link:
  3. Donate platelets! One of the infusions our daughter receives is called IVIG – intravenous immunoglobulin. It’s been her most effective treatment yet and it comes from platelet donations.  You can even earn extra cash by donating your platelets. Learn more about this type of donation from the Red Cross.
  4. Take a photo of your every day carry (EDC) set up and share it on social media with #edc2curejm #gunownerscare. Include a link to or
  5. Snap a photo of you out in the field, your favorite hunting spot or trusty hunting companion and share it using #hunt2curejm. Include a link to or
  6. Shoot the Aim to Cure JDM Challenge and upload a photo or video to social media using #aim2curejm. Add a link to with the donation suggestion of $23 dollars. Scroll down to learn more about the shooting challenge and download the target below.
  7. Pause to send a prayer or well wish. I firmly believe in the power of goodwill. If you pray, add families who are dealing with this diagnosis to your personal prayer list or wherever you worship. If you aren’t religious, a warm well wish is a thoughtful kindness and way to support through positivity that benefits all.
  8. If you compete in the shooting sports, join me in my fundraising efforts throughout the year as I aim to find a cure for this disease. For every center hit on each target I shoot in competition this season I’ll be making a $.23 donation to Cure JM. That means for each X and 10-ring hit, every A-zone or down zero, every hole punched through the center of a paper target or ring of a steel plate, not only will I feel good about my success on the range, but my contributions will help raise awareness and support those who need it. 
  9. Set up an event or stage at your next local shoot to show how shooters care and help make a positive difference in people’s lives. You can use the Aim to Cure JDM Challenge (see below) or set up any other stage as a charity event. Charge a nominal fee to cover any associated setup costs and add a donation suggestion for participants. Tally up the total raised and make a contribution at Share results and images from your event on social media using #aim2curejm and #gunownerscare
Game Raises Awareness For Juvenile Dermatomyositis Research
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