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Approaching Gu Safety as a Responsible Parent

Approaching Gun Safety as a Responsible Parent


ABC4 Utah and Good Things Utah recently hosted Sarah Clark, a Utah-based mom, blogger, YouTuber and business owner, to discuss the important topic of teaching children about gun safety. Clark shares her personal strategy that she uses with five children, including role playing, gun safety ABCs and safe storage.

“This is a conversation for every single family. Every parent should have these tools,” said Clark, “because you never know when your child might come across a gun.”

Clark’s statement is spot on considering your children, at some inevitable point, will leave the control of your home. Even if you are responsible and do everything you can to be safe, outside of your home there are external factors that are uncontrollable. This is exactly why it is critical to teach these fundamental safety principles at an early age.

In the video, Clark explains that in her downtime with her children she uses a role playing game to mimic decision making in different life scenarios. In this instance, she uses the example of coming across a gun in the home and asks the kids if keeping it a secret is a wise decision. She then asks if it is a thumbs up (good decision) or thumbs down (bad decision). This is a great idea that has limitless use when it comes to developing good decision-making skills.

Another gun safety tactic under Clark’s belt is using the ABCs, which in its simplest form looks like this: (A) Assume it’s loaded, (B) Be brave, and (C) Careful. Expanding on this she explains more:

  1. Assume it’s loaded. Do not handle it, even if it looks like a toy.
  2. Be brave and tell an adult if you see a gun or if someone tries to touch it. Don’t keep it a secret.
  3. Careful. If we have permission to handle the weapon, be sure it’s not pointed at anyone or anything!

This system is very similar to the message of “Stop. Don’t touch. Get away. Tell an Adult.” taught in this children’s video offered by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Crime Prevention Council.

Here’s another video from McGruff that supports this same message.

Finally, Clark touches on one of the most effective safely tactics in any home — safe storage. “I like to have a [gun] safe. They have so many different kinds now,” said Clark as she shows the gun safe she uses at her home. “It’s really up to you, but make sure they are locked up.”

Finally, I’d like to thank Mrs. Clark for her effort in spreading the message of firearm safety. Firearm safety is up to each and every one of us, so please consider passing on these helpful tips.

Here are some other resources for teaching children firearm safety:


Safety programs we support:


About the Author

Justin Morrissey is a gun owner and an advocate for safety, community, conservation and outdoor traditions. He was recently recognized as one of 40 Under 40 Firearm Industry Leaders by SHOT Business for his integrity, passion, and determination in his work. In his personal time he enjoys being a mentor and friend, spending time with his family, cooking wild game, training his dog and playing hockey. He supports UNICEF, Special Olympics and Wounded Warriors.

Approaching Gu Safety as a Responsible Parent
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