Gun owners care about the safety, preventing unauthorized access to firearms, bettering communities, helping those in need and conserving wildlife and wild places for generations to come. Gun owners take true ownership in these things above everything else.

You won’t hear these positive stories about real gun owners and pro-gun advocates in the mainstream media. In fact, you’re more likely to see insulting messages that try to shun or even shame gun owners due to some heinous acts of criminals. It’s time for gun owners to tell their stories, to show how we're making a difference, to show that we don’t fit under one identity and to keep others accountable for trying to villainize lawful gun owners.

NSSF®, the trade association for the firearm industry, has established the Gun Owners CareSM campaign to unite gun owners and the firearms industry in this common cause.

We’re calling on all gun owners to join us.

Your overall support is helping to:

  • Increase awareness around real firearm safety.

  • Show politicians and the public how gun owners are making a difference

  • Push back against organizations and businesses trying to shame gun owners

  • Promote participation in target shooting and hunting to secure a strong future

  • Help support tried and true firearm safety programs like Project ChildSafe and other effective solutions that have and continue to help grow and protect the shooting sports and the American way that we are proud of and enjoy.

  • Promote gun owners’ efforts to better our communities

  • Educate the public that gun owners are the No. 1 contributors to conservation in America

  • And much more.

Gun owners care about safety, community, conservation, tradition and so much more.